Yes hon, I am coming..

Had it not rained last weekend, I would have gone to the Jama’ mosque that afternoon. The same time some terrorists opened fire and injured two tourists and was trying to blow the place up to pieces.

It was all over the news. Phew.. thank god, thank god, thank god, as I was really planning to go there.

In three days time, I will be travelling out of this shithole and from there, I am taking days off to be home. The kids are excited.

Life is great when you have always something to look forward to. Remember the feeling when we were kids, we looked forward to cuti sekolah, raya, musin buah, musim layang layang and so many others. And when I was a student in the states, I ecstatically looked forward to every forthcoming seasons – summer, fall, winter and sick of winter – hey its spring!. The anticipation, that is really gets you going (even the weather!).

To me, looking forward to something, anything for the matter, makes my life more exciting – that probably explains my ‘seems-unsettled’ journey over the last fifteen years or so.

It’s just too soon I’d say to be sucked up with same old shit surrounded with humdrum routines.


~ by pickholes on September 21, 2010.

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