Survival Akhbar Melayu

I read they actually had a seminar on this.

I’d say, forget the seminars, or forums or whatever smartass discussions they could think of “untuk mengupas issue issue survival akhbar melayu”.

Save the money on kuih and coffee (cuz there is no malay forum without kuih ketayap and karipap and kopi on the table), and listen to me.

Do these:-
Headlines – it has to be anything to do with sex, incest is even better
Ads – anything to do with Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah.

Just look at Harian Metro, the asswiping paper was reported to have the highest number of circulation. And I am sure you and I know why.

To all Malay dailies, to survive, get yourself closer to readers – know what we malay fonds of reading or rather imagining. We love rapes, incest, pervert bomoh or uztaz and lots and lot of these. And when it comes to ads, anything to do with jadi kuat, we will stick with you.

thats us – funny (sick *sigh*)


~ by pickholes on October 12, 2010.

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