Golf ?

Lately, I notice I’ve been spending lots of time doing exactly nothing (other than work of course). I mean nothing physical that really kick ass and burn calories. I go to the gym every evening for an hour but that is about all. The rest of my waking hours, I am on my lazy ass all day and all night.

To a point I feel like a pig. I don’t know whether this is ok or is it just part of my “alpha male” instincts that screams I have to get into something rather than sittin and watching TV.

The guys here are all into golf (now that we have more green courses) and I am tellin ya, it is damn tempting listening to “post-game-talk-cock’ whenever we meet up for shawarma. It has been years since I cold-stacked my set. I was at one time freakin golf crazy (yeah literally ‘crazy’ coz I was never that good though), and I know how rather ‘busy’ I was.

But let see, before I decide to haul up my set all the way here, what else is coming my way to feel up my time.


~ by pickholes on January 11, 2011.

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