Dares to debate …

Who would want to listen to a debate?

Political debate, that is … (oh yeah, as if debating on real issues..)

Politicians and their like-minds group of total douschebag pussies are bunch of ignorant morons, they sure live in their own world. They talk in a language we don’t speak, and it’s always the same stinky petai-flavored craps that comes out from their mouths whenever they do speak. Opposition or no opposition.

If they could actually step out of their own dirty world for a sec, they would realize that we the people out here are not one bit interested in whatever issue that they’re fiddling to debate about.

Open debate is a fucking show off. We have a parliament, where these pussies can debate, spit, fight or even sodomize each other in an orgy way for all I fucking care.

Just let us know what the bottom line is when they are done.

After all, didn’t we vote them as representatives to do all these shit in parliament (and they are not free).


~ by pickholes on January 18, 2011.

One Response to “Dares to debate …”

  1. ok good bagus dont be lazy tommorow… bsok sye pon dduk upsr … aarrrgghhh menakutkan dan mengerikan….. DO THE BEST!!!

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