Forget hosting world games, make movies

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Coz that’s what they’re actually good at – go and see “Dabangg” and have a good laugh-till-you-fart at the idiotic cartoon-like stunt after stunt by none other than Salman Khan… (oh dear, missus sure doesn’t like me saying this..)

Anyway, all I heard and read here is how so-not-ready these people are for hosting the Commonwealth Games. Btw, its here in less than two weeks time.

Can’t really blame the bad media over-hyping all the fuck-ups, truth is, the bad coverage is not only coming from the foreign media but from their own!

The bridge that collapsed yesterday was no help other than adding to another structure collapses count (weeks ago, an indoor ceiling collapsed). Not to mention the recent terrorist attack on the mosque.

Yet, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee amidst of all these, boasted that the game would be the best ever and would have better infrastructures that the Beijing Olympics. Oh yeah, no shit, I hope he was joking when he said that.

I don’t get why bother hosting a world event when you have shitloads to do at your backyard.

This place is all but…nevermind.

Anyway, watched Larry King Live – Exclusive with Ahmedinejad of Iran on CNN this morning. Go Youtube, I’d say its 10-0 or rather a downright KO in favor of Ahmadinejad.


Yes hon, I am coming..

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Had it not rained last weekend, I would have gone to the Jama’ mosque that afternoon. The same time some terrorists opened fire and injured two tourists and was trying to blow the place up to pieces.

It was all over the news. Phew.. thank god, thank god, thank god, as I was really planning to go there.

In three days time, I will be travelling out of this shithole and from there, I am taking days off to be home. The kids are excited.

Life is great when you have always something to look forward to. Remember the feeling when we were kids, we looked forward to cuti sekolah, raya, musin buah, musim layang layang and so many others. And when I was a student in the states, I ecstatically looked forward to every forthcoming seasons – summer, fall, winter and sick of winter – hey its spring!. The anticipation, that is really gets you going (even the weather!).

To me, looking forward to something, anything for the matter, makes my life more exciting – that probably explains my ‘seems-unsettled’ journey over the last fifteen years or so.

It’s just too soon I’d say to be sucked up with same old shit surrounded with humdrum routines.

Makan tanggung berak cangkung…

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Makan tanggung berak cangkung…

… is not always as good as it literally says though. If it goes on and on like that, same shit day in and day out, you’ll finally get sick of it.

In my case- it’s the food! I am getting sick to my stomach of the shits I’ve been eating. Yesterday was the climax, I was totally out. Luckily the hotel is not far from my office or else I would’ve shit may pants, big time!

Now the very mention of anything masala could anytime make me wanna puke. No shit.

Last week I thought I would’ve gotten a break when my bro was scheduled to be here for a meeting before going on board the rig. So missus packed all that I needed for him take along. But a last minute change fucked everything up. He went straight to the rig.

There.. went my ration.

Eid Moubarak

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A bit too late but hey… who’s telling the story here..

Eid away from home is nothing new, this year was no exception. Besides badly rindu-rinduan missus and the kids, the day went just like any other day. I was at the mosques that morning, yes literally at the mosques cuz I was actually not anywhere close to being in the mosque. A small mosque that could only accommodate, I’d say max 200 people, were thronged with a massive crowd (5,000 when I read the news on the next day). The saf went to a stretch of 1 km on the highway of 2 lanes each way. And it was raining too.

In the afternoon, I was back at the office – business as usual.

And that was it!

Happy Birthday

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Hey that wasn’t bad at all, with a bouquet of flowers, candles, cake and dinner on the house, who is bitchin’.

Two days ago was my birthday actually, and the hotel staffs were very thoughtful to have brought me a bouquet of flowers and a candle lit cake that night. I was as usual half naked after seven when i heard a knock at the door, and …there they were right in front of the door all smiles and sweet with a cake and flowers singing a happy birthday. I was touched, seriously (but I am still rock!!).

Invited them in, cut the cake and there, another birthday song for me…wish they would’ve sung in Hindi that would be really something.

The hotel offered a movie ticket and city sightseeing on the following day, but I politely turned it down as I could do with much needed rest on Sunday.

People here are just so wonderfully nice…

Missus and the kids sms’d their beautiful wishes, love you all too! Keep all that big presents warm till I get home kids!

One of my daughters birthday was yesterday and missus birthday is in a couple of days (yes, I remember this). We normally celebrate together if I happen to be around. SMS my daughter yesterday, she sounded happy (or rather relieved) as she has just finished her big trial exam. Good luck for the big exam girl!

Missing home

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15th day of puasa, man, that’s fast.

I am sure by now, radio stations have started hitting that nostalgic mintak-mak-kuih-sepotong raya song, and the malls must have started hanging those boring typical ribbon ketupat (wonder when are they gonna come out with something more creative).

Or may be not yet. Oh well..

Yesterday afternoon, I’ve finally found a decent supermarket of Hero equivalent somewhere around here. I knew it, there must be a mini market of sort somewhere around here. So the place is actually not that far from my office or hotel. A five minute walk (add a minute or two depending on how thicken your shoes are getting with mud and shit. So I went there and got myself things that I had been planning to buy. Cool.

So last night, I was chill and zone out lying on the bed watching tv and munching chips. Eating chips on the bed with crumbs all over…bet you can never do this in any life – chips, tv, bed and drinks within reach – that’s like haven to us man (off course minus the sex goddess dangling finest grapes to your gasping mouth). The last time I did this was during my college days.

Anyway, I am in my third week now, away from home, and truth is I have started flipping diaries checking out dates to take time off. I miss the kids (and missus for obvious reason) very much.

Not much

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There’s not much to say from here. It has been work and work and work, but hey, who’s complaining!

I was down these last couple of days on flue, cold and body ache. Really got me worried though, coz being sick and being alone are definitely not a good combination, especially when you are out in some foreign land.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better today.

Our working hour starts at I don’t when but I am here at 8am, whilst the rest would normally turns up around 10am. I leave at 6 when people are still around. From what I heard, the team works till late.

I kinda like the attitude here, small team – 7 of us here, working our asses off for a fast track project – a jack up (will be here on xmas), with a 3+1 wells, say 100 days and that’s about it.