Knock Knock

•June 16, 2015 • Leave a Comment

It has been aheckofawhile since I last posted something here. I am just checking whether my account is still alive or not.

So not much here, just checckkiinnggg….


Dares to debate …

•January 18, 2011 • 1 Comment

Who would want to listen to a debate?

Political debate, that is … (oh yeah, as if debating on real issues..)

Politicians and their like-minds group of total douschebag pussies are bunch of ignorant morons, they sure live in their own world. They talk in a language we don’t speak, and it’s always the same stinky petai-flavored craps that comes out from their mouths whenever they do speak. Opposition or no opposition.

If they could actually step out of their own dirty world for a sec, they would realize that we the people out here are not one bit interested in whatever issue that they’re fiddling to debate about.

Open debate is a fucking show off. We have a parliament, where these pussies can debate, spit, fight or even sodomize each other in an orgy way for all I fucking care.

Just let us know what the bottom line is when they are done.

After all, didn’t we vote them as representatives to do all these shit in parliament (and they are not free).

Golf ?

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Lately, I notice I’ve been spending lots of time doing exactly nothing (other than work of course). I mean nothing physical that really kick ass and burn calories. I go to the gym every evening for an hour but that is about all. The rest of my waking hours, I am on my lazy ass all day and all night.

To a point I feel like a pig. I don’t know whether this is ok or is it just part of my “alpha male” instincts that screams I have to get into something rather than sittin and watching TV.

The guys here are all into golf (now that we have more green courses) and I am tellin ya, it is damn tempting listening to “post-game-talk-cock’ whenever we meet up for shawarma. It has been years since I cold-stacked my set. I was at one time freakin golf crazy (yeah literally ‘crazy’ coz I was never that good though), and I know how rather ‘busy’ I was.

But let see, before I decide to haul up my set all the way here, what else is coming my way to feel up my time.

Thats not cool

•January 8, 2011 • 1 Comment

People are either born retard (nothing you can do about that) or… all of a fucking sudden decides to make themselves full-fledged self made bonehead retards.

The latter are those faggots who have that stupid bluetooth earphone stuck to their ears all day long, even when they are talking to you.

I met one of these douchebag this morning at my regular place of smoking. He had that shit on his ear. I was cool though coz I’ve seen species like this everywhere even back home (coz to these jackass, world will just stop running and all fuck-up if they are unreachable… but fine I was cool).

Until he started saying hi and talking to me. It was ok at first but not until he (i guess picked up a call) and started talking to me at the same time, talking to another wanker friend of his at the other end.


I left and hope that one day he goes deaf for whatever reason (i hope a doctor will tell him the shit that hes puttin on his ear is giving super extra radiation all these while…) and have to wear one of those hearing impaired aid thingy.

What resolution

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With a new year popping upon us, it is almost a ritual for most of us to set new goals and resolutions.

But I am not one of them though (coz I have a long list of unaccomplished resolution accumulated over the last 10 years or so!).

Yesterday, at the gym, I saw lots of new faces, and I know damn soon enough, these new faces will disappear leaving the regulars, believe me. It’s happening every first week of January!

I don’t need no new resolution like quit smoking or stop scratching my balls in public or shit like that, if I were to have one, I would go for a long term kinda goals. And these plans are not ones that you set on every freakin early of the year, coz they could have been set 10 years ago for a 20 year plan.

Well…. another decade passed, and if I pause and reflect, it has been a great 10 years. There have been so much , and I would not have done all these in another way.

Yes some say life is short, but you just can’t help it, can you? It is short alright, so you have to do the best out of it.

My challenge this year is to start thinking about, apart from getting myself fixed to being orang yg ”baik-baik”, I want to enjoy and live in the present moment, but making sure all the actions and decision made are all based on my future plan. Sound like corporate jargon crap here but… hey that’s my plan ok.

Happy New Year

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New Year everybody! Time flies – no shit, so does my age… damn!

It has been quite some time huh, the last bitchin I made was months ago. I was in India then. Surprised me that I could actually still remember my password to log in here. Yeah no shit, imagine with so many passwords that one has to remember in order to live life uninterrupted, nowadays.  Seriously! I just bought an Ipod (for whatever reasons I wasnt sure though) and there… another 3 passwords that I’ve to remember!

Anyway, here I am – yup still kicking ass into a new year.

New place and new dudes around for a brand new year – that sounds refreshing don’t you think (at least better than doing same shit encircled by same fuckers year in and year out).

Not much to say for now … I will save it for later (now that I am all back in the mood to fuckaround).

p/s what is it with losers and their going around asking hey whats your new resolution huh?? (well not much, my new resolution is I wish I could hate you more this year… )

Survival Akhbar Melayu

•October 12, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I read they actually had a seminar on this.

I’d say, forget the seminars, or forums or whatever smartass discussions they could think of “untuk mengupas issue issue survival akhbar melayu”.

Save the money on kuih and coffee (cuz there is no malay forum without kuih ketayap and karipap and kopi on the table), and listen to me.

Do these:-
Headlines – it has to be anything to do with sex, incest is even better
Ads – anything to do with Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah.

Just look at Harian Metro, the asswiping paper was reported to have the highest number of circulation. And I am sure you and I know why.

To all Malay dailies, to survive, get yourself closer to readers – know what we malay fonds of reading or rather imagining. We love rapes, incest, pervert bomoh or uztaz and lots and lot of these. And when it comes to ads, anything to do with jadi kuat, we will stick with you.

thats us – funny (sick *sigh*)